Watch First Season of Modern Family

Completed: 29. Watch First Season of Modern Family

Every time I talk to my friends about television shows, they always suggest I watch Modern Family.  For those who are living under a rock, the show is about an extended family with “modern issues.” The show is funny, creative, and witty. It’s rare that when I watch a show, I like every character. I fell in love with the show after the first episode.

And then binge watching began…

There wasn’t an episode that I watched in which I didn’t laugh out loud.  However, no character makes me laugh more than Phil Dunphy.

Not only did I watch the first season, which was my original goal, but I am now caught up with whole series. That’s right, folks, I watched 139 episodes in a matter of a few months. Some might say that I don’t have a life but to that, I say one word: dedication.

– Kris


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