Get a Cheesy ’80s-Style Portrait

Completed: 21. Get a cheesy ’80s style portrait

I’m very jealous of people who had the opportunity to be in those ’80s photos.

You know which ones I’m talking about.

The ones where there’s one image of a person on a black background and then a different image floating above the main image. My parents had a picture of my brother like this, yet I was never lucky enough to be in this “Olan Mills special.”

The biggest problem I ran into when researching how to complete this goal how to the describe them. What the hell do you call these pictures? I knew what I wanted and I saw the image online by searching for “cheesy ’80s photos,” but would that translate to a modern photographer?

I called The Picture People and asked them about it. It was really hard to explain it, but luckily the studio manager knew exactly what I wanted. I got my appointment set and was ready to go. The next problem I had was the outfit. I wanted to make this as cheesy as possible and I think I nailed it with my argyle Green Bay sweater/tie, plus an outfit change to a jersey.

The manager at the studio was fantastic. She was funny and made the process easy and fun. Lyssa and I laughed the entire time.

I hope you guys laugh at them as much as we are. Now we have to decide where these will hang in our house.



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