Status Update: Do not buy any clothes, jewelry, and shoes for the full year

Completing: 10. Do not buy any clothes, jewelry, and shoes for the full year

I just really love to wear pretty things. I can’t help myself.

This goal was added to my 2015 bucket list for a few reasons: 1. ongoing desire to focus less on my physical appearance, 2. live more simply, 3. be a more conscientious consumer (if you recall, a 2014 goal).

I’m not a hoarder of crap purchased because it was a great deal, nor do I spend crazy amounts of money on expensive things. Last year, I probably spent $100 on clothes, shoes, and jewelry every few months or so. I wasn’t breaking the bank, but I got really fed up with my constant need to want more.

Though I’ve seen a few things I wouldn’t mind owning, that desire has been dwindling over the past few months. It’s freeing to know I can’t purchase anything new, which also forces me to be more creative with what I already have (and to remain the same size).

I also like being free from the guilt that comes with impulsive purchasing. Thoughts inevitably run through my mind after I purchase something such as, “Where did this come from?” “How many children worked in a factory in Bangladesh to make this?” “Do I really need it?” “I have too much already!”

[Retired] Catholic guilt is a bitch.

I unfollowed my favorite brands on Instagram, I’ve unsubscribed from newsletters, purged clothes, and I don’t have any desire to online shop in my spare time.

Caveat: I won’t deny gifts of clothing, jewelry, or shoes if someone felt compelled to buy them for me. However, NO GIFT CARDS. That’s a slippery slope.

The hardest part of this goal is training myself to get out of the habit of wanting, not the refraining from purchasing part.

Confession time! I want to give you an idea of just how much I have acquired over 15+ years, and despite many purges later, whether purchased myself or gifted. I used to work in retail and to put it simply, I really just love putting together a fantastic outfit. I’m publicly shaming myself… exposing my vice… being honest with the world…

Most of my every day clothes. Does not include jackets, shoes, or hats.

  • Shoes: 70
  • Hats (including two baseball caps): 28
  • Necklaces: 40
  • Jackets (winter jackets to blazers): 35

I literally laughed out loud when I finished counting my shoes. I’m an animal.

– Lyssa


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