Go Tanning

Completed: 27. Go tanning

kris goes tanning at eurobronze
Burn, baby, burn.

Millions of Americans go tanning every year. Why should I limit my life experiences just because my complexion is of the darker persuasion? I’m down to try new things, so why the hell not?

We have a tanning salon right near our house called EuroBronze. When I walked in the door, the young employee behind the counter didn’t flinch. I thought I’d get some sort of a reaction, but I got nothing. Totally professional. She informed me about their specials but I decided to buy a single session for 30 mins.

As we walked to the room, I decided to ask her the question that had been burning in my mind, “how many black people come here to tan?” She looked at me completely puzzled and said, “um, ah, umm, uh… I don’t even know how to respond.” Ahhh yes, that’s the reaction I wanted. She regained her composure after we laughed a bit and then told me, “not a lot.”

There was nothing fancy about the room except for the tanning bed. I asked the employee how much I should strip down to and she said, “as bare as you want.” Sweet! Party time!

She left the room and I got completely naked. I lowered the door of the bed and started to bake. I didn’t like that part much because I felt like I was closing my casket, so I decided to not lower the door as far. Even though I bought 30 minutes, I made it to twenty. I flipped myself over like a burger at 10 minute mark. It’s all about an even tan, right?

I understand why people go tanning, but when one in five Americans develop skin cancer at some point in their life, I see no reason to increase my risk of cancer. Not sure I’ll ever do it again, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t somewhat enjoy it!

– Kris


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