Kris: Goals I Won’t Complete in 2015

Let’s just say, Kris didn’t have a great 2015.

See a game at Yankee Stadium.  

I missed my opportunity this year.  Mainly because I’m an idiot.  This is totally my fault.  I still want to go.  This could possibly carry over to next year.

See the Harlem Globetrotters.

When they came to town, I wasn’t feeling great and decided not to go.  I honestly don’t regret it either. I soured on this goal a little. Maybe I’ll wind up going someday.

Take a cross country trip.

Too much time.  I’d love to do this but maybe when Lyssa and I retire at the young age of 106.

Play a round of golf with a cigar and beer.

First off, thank you everyone who wanted to help me with this one.  I could’ve completed this but again soured on it. Weird.

Take a picture of all the LOVE signs in Virginia.  

This was the one goal I really wanted to complete and I failed.  I blame I-95 for this.  The traffic in VA can be horrible at times and I just didn’t want to get stuck 5 hours away from home.  Something tells me I’ll finish this one day…

Get Tased

I learned that I can no longer take a class to get safely tased. And I wasn’t that dedicated to resort to committing a crime to get tased. 

Play in a rugby league

Lyssa told me she wouldn’t take care of me if I got injured.  Sooooo… that ruled that one out.

Finish getting my motorcycle license

This was my dumbest goal.  I’ve known too many people who have had horrible injuries from them. They’re not for me.

Ride in a NASCAR experience.

No. (not sure what I was thinking)

Get Project Manager certified/Learn to code.

My attention span can be….off at times.  

Visit Reggie White’s Grave

One day…

Visit Malcolm X’s grave

Almost made the trip when we went to New Jersey to complete Lyssa’s nude beach goal, but it had closed by the time we were planning to arriv

Finish tattoo

My gift to myself for when we sell our house is to complete one of my arm tattoos. Needless to say, our house is still owned by us. 




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