Lyssa: Goals I Won’t Complete in 2015

From a 2009 trip to Green Bay

Tailgate at Lambeau Field in Green Bay during a Packers game

I have been to Lambeau Field and taken a tour, but I want to tailgate with the fine people of Wisconsin even though I’m not a football fan, because from what Kris tells me, it’s a blast. We ALMOST completed this one, but the month we wanted to go just got too busy. It’s still something I would like to do. It also requires a lot of money to fly and I don’t know if I’m that committed.

Go to the Judy Garland museum (carried over from 2013-2014)

This one is in Grand Rapids, MN, a place I won’t have the chance to visit this year.

Play in a competitive sports league


I’ve also been in a sports league — soccer in second grade (pictured above) and a roller derby league a few years ago. I don’t really need to complete this one, but I honestly tried. I looked around for every sport possible. Either the timing didn’t work, the competition was too serious, etc. I finally found a kick ball league and signed up. I was thrilled. But then a few weeks later, the league was canceled. I probably put more effort into this goal than all of my other goals. It was a bust for reasons outside of my control.

Experience zero gravity environment

Already wrote about that one.

Otherwise, I kicked my goals’ asses this year and still have a few more I know I’ll kick. I’m ready for next year.



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