Go Roller Skating With Kris

Completed: 6. Go Roller Skating With Kris

We’ve been together for a billion years and somehow we’ve never roller skated together.

I have my own pair of skates from my roller derby days, which I took with me, naturally. As soon as Kris saw me retrieving them from storage, he gave me a look of judgment with a hint of embarrassment. Bitch, I have my own fly-ass skates. Don’t be jelly.

Lace up those boots, Kris! You’re going for a ride!

He claims he hasn’t been on roller skates for 25 years.

He went a few rounds, so he put in effort and worked up a sweat. He really despises doing stuff he’s not good at. Roller skating falls into this category, but only because he doens’t do it with regularity. On the flip side, I do enjoy watching him get angry while doing stuff he’s not good at.

I approached a group of teenagers and asked if one of them would be willing to take our picture. One of the girls agreed and her friend added, “she knows how to work the camera, so it’ll be a great picture.” Indeed.

I had fun. Kris had more fun once he was out of the skates.



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