Drink Dom Perignon

Completed: 5. Try Dom Perignon or Ace of Spades Champagne

I remember watching rap videos in high school and Dom Perignon was heavily name-dropped. The epitome of luxury, as I understood. Side note: if it was so good, why pour it on people?  


It’s supposedly one of, if not the best, Champagnes.  I’ve always wanted to try it, but it’s expensive… really, really expensive.

One day Lyssa and I were sitting around trying to figure out how we were going to complete this expensive goal and Lyssa said, ”What about a gift card?  Do we have a gift card to a restaurant that sells this Champagne?” Bang!  That was it.

My brother and his family have given us gift cards to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for the past couple of years. Lyssa and I had not used previous years’ gift cards so we had enough to cover the $280 cost (this is so ridiculous, right?). Lyssa and I picked one of President Obama’s last nights as our leader (yes, I completd this goal that long ago) and toasted in his honor.

It was smoother than most Champagnes I have had. I’m not a big fan of bubbles, but it was good. If I were to pay for it with my own money, I’d spend about $50 on it max.  I honestly don’t understand why it’s that expensive.  

It wasn’t worth the price, but definitely worth the experience, and especially great since we didn’t have to spend a dime!



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