Completed: 25. Visit a State I’ve Never Been


I think traveling is so important for us as humans. If you’re lucky, you are exposed to different cultures and experience new things. But dammit it’s EXPENSIVE and such a luxury. In July, I was lucky enough to get to travel to Miami for work, and thanks to the powers that be, I was able to knock off this goal (and for free!) as I had never before been to Florida. 

In summary:

  • humidity
  • food
  • beautiful beaches
  • culture
  • even more humidity

I did a bunch of the typical tourist things, like visit Wynwood Walls, Marlins Park, and South Beach, but what left the most impact on me was El Mago de las Fritas. The people who work here are some of the nicest people I’ve ever come across. Their version of the cuban hamburger was fantastic.

I hope to be back because I had such an amazing time.



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