Go to a Chiropractor 

Completed: 34. Go to a Chiropractor

I have some minor back pain and left-side tingling, thanks to how shit happens in life, so who better to take my spine to than a chiropractor? Some people I know swear by it, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. Plus, it’s covered by my insurance.

My experience:

  • Talked to chiro about health
  • Electrical stimulation therapy with heating pads (this is the reason why I look like a marionette doll – also this was the part where I drooled on the headrest)
  • A massage table with rollers [seen enjoying in below picture]
  • Manual spine adjustments with hands-on stretching

It was like a pleasant combination of a spa, a yoga class, and Pilates with some popping noises every now and then.

Tip: wear stretchy clothes and don’t wear boots.




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