Meet CT Fletcher

Completed: 12. Meet CT Fletcher

For those who don’t know who this man is, allow me to explain…  

CT Fletcher is a brazen, motivational, shit-talking power lifter. His life story is amazing and I would encourage everyone to watch the movie, “My Magnificent Obsession.” CT encourages people to lift weights and leave your excuses at the door. Nobody gets me more hyped to lift than this man.

His energy and fire have inspired me. “It’s still your muthafuckin set” and “I command you to grow” will encourage you to get the fuck up and work for every muthafuckin thing in your life. Push through the pain and work.


While at the Arnold Sports Festival (another goal I will post about completing), I learned he was going to attend. I found him, we shared a quick joke, took a picture together, and I was on my way.  What an awesome experience to meet someone who has inspired you.

It’s still your muthafuckin set,



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