Completed: 38. Give Oatmeal a Chance

I’m a picky eater, even though I’ve made great strides in becoming more open minded over the last decade. One of the items on my never-eat list was oatmeal. I couldn’t get beyond the consistency. It looks gross, tastes gross, smells gross. Like soup, which I also don’t like, you have to slurp it. Repulsive. There are health benefits to oatmeal and that’s why I wanted to reconsider it this year. 

Because of the consistency issue, I decided to bake the oatmeal, not eat it with a spoon. I mixed the oatmeal packet with water and I placed it in a baking pan to bake for 50 minutes. That did the trick.  

I was able to make it flat and hard enough to avoid initiating my gag reflex.  I cheated a bit because I made brown sugar and maple flavored oatmeal.  It’s not the healthiest, maybe, but I’m trying new things. 

I’ve been eating it as a snack, which is great for when I’m lecturing at work. A quick pop in the mouth. I’m glad I gave oatmeal another shot.



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