Completed: 30. Buy a Pair of Jordans

As of last year, I did not own a pair of Jordans. Shameful. I’ve owned a couple in my life, but I haven’t had a pair in my closet for years. These shoes are classics.  

This past year, I had been looking for the “right” pair. By “right,” I mean a decent looking shoe for the “right” price. I didn’t want to break the bank on a pair. You see, spending thousands of dollars is out of the question. Actually, a hundred is too much.

In one of my many shopping trips of the year, I stumbled upon a potential pair. I had seen them before, but they never had my size (12.5). This time, the spirit of Michael Jeffrey Jordan blessed the store with my size and I bought them. . 

By the way, I just wore them to my parents’ house and my mom hates them so… there’s that. They’re a little loud (and it doesn’t help that I took this glamour shot of them on Lyssa’s furry foot stool)



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