Get a Limo and Eat a Pizza in the Back of it Like Kevin McCallister

Completed: 30. Get a Limo and Eat a Pizza in the Back of it Like Kevin McCallister

If you live on this earth, you should be familiar with this scene from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, a favorite of mine. Kudos to Kris for coordinating this effort because it was the MOST amazing birthday present.

He said that we had dinner plans at a “restaurant I might’ve heard about.” I had no idea what he was talking about, but I went along with it. He told me to dress up and to be ready by 5:50.

We walked outside and there she was, the beautiful limo. Kris had already instructed the driver about our first destination, which was Pupatella [one of my favorite pizza places].”


Living the dream. Eating pizza. Listening to ’40s music.

I felt so fancy. Like embarrassingly fancy.

We had the limo for three hours, so after picking up the pizza, we traveled to MGM National Harbor to check it out for the first time. I lost $9.85 on the slot machines. After some delicious people watching, we got back into the limo and drove around DC for the remaining hour. It was a blast being escorted around DC as if we were home alone, lost in New York, with Peter McCallister’s wallet.

The end to a perfect evening…

– Lyssa


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