Watch a Madea Movie in the Theater

Lyssa’s goal for Kris: #3 Watch a Madea movie in the theater

Lyssa knows how much I hate the creative stylings of Tyler Perry. I won’t get into it in this blog, but please know I don’t get his shtick (don’t kill me Oprah).  So, of course she “challenged” me, because the idea of me doing this entertained her — for me to go to an actual movie theater, stand in line, buy a ticket, and watch a Tyler Perry movie.

What’s funny is that we looked at IMDB at the beginning of the year to see if there were any upcoming Tyler Perry movies in production in 2017. At that time, there was nothing, so I thought I was off the hook. Somehow, in a matter of months, this movie was pitched, greenlit, cast, filmed, edited, and distributed. The speed at which this movie was churned out is indicative of the quality of Boo 2. Lucky for me, I found a movie ticket voucher that we’ve had for about a year, so at least I didn’t have to spend my hard-earned money on this trash.

It was terrible. I am hurt that Lyssa made me waste two hours of my precious life. I argue it was a bigger waste of time than when I challenged her to watch the Red Zone for seven hours. The movie was worse than I could’ve imagined. The jokes weren’t funny, Tyler Perry is a terrible actor… all of him, awkward pauses throughout, too long, etc.

It. Was. Awful.

I get we all have different tastes, but I honestly can’t understand how anyone laughs at these monstrous productions.

However, I did see the silver lining. Two highlights:

  1. The ending.
  2. The group of teenagers who started twerkin’ in the theater to a song played in the movie.

Well played, Lyssa. Revenge is coming in 2018.



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