Go to the Franciscan Monastery in DC

Completed: 23. Go to the Franciscan Monastery in DC

I have talked to devout Catholic folks who live in DC who had no idea this Monastery  existed. I saw a picture of it on Instagram a while back and was wowed by it. It looks more like something you might see in Italy, not DC.

We went in March before the flowers bloomed, so it was a little less colorful than it appears to be in the summertime, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Like many people who are raised Catholic, I have parted ways with the religion, so the religious aspects of the monastery are lost on me, but the beauty isn’t. And as someone who values service, I have a deep respect for Franciscans.

“Franciscan spirituality embodies a love of nature as God’s creation, a simplicity of life reflected in voluntary poverty, and corporal works of mercy, working with the poor and the alienated. All these elements trace their origin to Francis of Assisi, who gave all he had to the poor, and received in return a life full of joy, service, and a loving spirit that motivates his spiritual descendants today all over the world.”

I thought the beauty was in the outdoor area of the monastery, but the inside was even more impressive.

It’s a great spot for reflection and sightseeing, not matter your faith. There are replicas of sacred shrines, beautiful gardens, and catacombs.



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