Go to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

Completed: 42. Go to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken


I stumbled upon a restaurant on Instagram called Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, located in New York City and Las Vegas. The pictures they share on Instagram made me salivate.  When I went to New York to complete another goal (Go See an Event at Madison Square Garden), I decided to take my relationship offline and experience it in person.

It’s a fast food joint, a genre with brick and mortars that can feel grimy, but not this place. It has a nice atmosphere and it’s very clean. 


This chicken looks amazing, right? But believe it or not, the images don’t do this place justice.  The chicken is fantastic. One of my favorite parts is the honey options (Wildflower, Chipotle, and Wasabi) which are placed around the restaurant, ready for you to drizzle on the chicken. They also have BBQ and hot sauce.  


I am picky about my friend chicken. Blue Ribbon’s is crispy, crunchy, and has with tons of flavor, not just the batter, but the chicken itself, which I find is often missing when I order fried chicken at restaurants.


Dear Blue Ribbon, can you come to DC, please?



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