Go to Chuck E Cheese’s

Completed: 1: Go to Chuck E Cheese’s

I never went to a Chuck E. Cheese as a child, which is precisely why Lyssa added this as a goal for me. I remember my friends going here when I was little, but I never wanted to join them. What a mistake. 

Lyssa and I chatted before going and I expressed a few concerns: 1:  Germs. The thought of all of those children with runny noses, germ-ridden hands, and lice, doesn’t appeal to me. 2. I am a child-less adult. I thought I had read that adults without children can’t go to Chuck E. Cheese, which makes sense when you think about how this place could attract pedophiles.

We entered the building with antibacterial liquid in hand and immediately asked an employee if we, as two child-less adults, could enjoy The Cheese’s offerings. The employee responded, “Yes, but don’t have TOO much fun.” We have no idea what that was supposed to mean.

We purchased a $5 card with 16 points.

We walked around the floor to assess their offerings.  There was a lot to choose from. We played a racing game, basketball, football, soccer, and had our likenesses rendered by an artist.

Only thirty minutes after the opening of the store, there was a large birthday party taking place and multiple families dominating some appealing thin-crust pizza. A lot happening! I also learned that the establishment of Charles Edward Cheesè (what we decided that this is his full, legal name) offers free WiFi.

I had a blast. We won 15 tokens and redeemed them for a large Tootsie roll and a book mark. Had I known what an amazing place this was as a child, I would have begged my parents to take me here every weekend. I might start begging Lyssa…




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