Visit CIA headquarters in Langley, VA

Completed: 8. Visit CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA

Who knew the CIA building would be really secretive? Just kidding. We all knew. You can’t even enter the road to get remotely close, but I wanted to go as close as I could go. The area strikes me as Stranger Things-level creepy.  It also feels really old, like the area is stuck in 1968.

Apparently, there are tours, but you have to know someone who has served in the CIA or is currently employed. So yea, I did not qualify (unless I have friends who want to out themselves and get me into a tour).

We were able to drive by (ride slow, homie) the entrance area, which isn’t far from Hickory Hill, Robert Kennedy’s Virginia home and something on Lyssa’s 2016 bucket list, to get a quick picture next to the sign.

I wish I could’ve gotten closer, but I guess it’s best for America.

– Kris


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