Walk Through Embassy Row

42. Carried over from 2016: Walk through Embassy Row


Every year, a large number of embassies open their doors to visitors for free. A classic DC event, participants can “travel the world” in one day and “experience the food, art, dance, fashion, and music of different countries.”

This goal was carried over from last year because in 2016, there was a conflict. I opted to attend the Kinetic Sculpture race, over a visit to Embassy Row.

This is a popular event, so we decided to focus on the participating countries we are least likely to travel. We visited Botswana, where they offered us caterpillar, Iraq, where we indulged in spicy tea, Indonesia, and Nicaragua. I wanted to go to Afghanistan, a country that is most definitely not in my life journey, but we ended up missing it.

Nicaragua was by far the best embassy we visited. They provided straw hats, cookies, a fish dish, and alcohol. Maybe we WILL travel there if this is any indication of the country’s hospitality.

Despite it being a rainy day, the lines were still way too long to attempt for more popular embassies like Japan and Korea, but we walked up Massachusetts Ave anyway to look at the gorgeous buildings.

Worth the trip, but get there as soon as it starts because the crowds are large.



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