2014 Goals

newyearnewgoals Lyssa’s Goals:

  1. Completed: If Americans can get knighted, look into getting knighted
  2. Completed: Take either BMX lessons (carried over from 2013) or unicycling lessons
  3. Completed: Research possibility of acquiring British citizenship given that my Grandfather was born in England
  4. Completed: Go sailing
  5. Completed: Travel to Salem, Massachusetts in October
  6. Completed: Be in a NOH8 photo shoot
  7. Failed: Drive father-in-law’s vintage bug in local Christmas Parade
  8. Completed: Go to a female strip club
  9. Completed: Donate blood
  10. Completed: Work with a personal trainer
  11. Completed: Kayak in the Potomac
  12. Completed: Eat Korean BBQ
  13. Completed: Eat at a diner in the middle of night
  14. Completed: Save a certain amount of money by EOY
  15. Meh, not sure: Be more conscientious when buying stuff. Where is it coming from? Stay local.
  16. Completed: Make a will
  17. Completed: Use our Nikon camera more to document completed goals, instead of phone camera
  18. Completed: Eat caviar
  19. Completed: Get makeup professionally done – specifically apply contouring makeup
  20. Completed: Go to the top of the Washington monument (carried over from 2011-2013)
  21. Failed: West Wing tour (carried over from 2011-2013)
  22. Completed: Swim with dolphins (carried over from 2009-2013)
  23. Failed: Go to the Judy Garland museum (carried over from 2013)
  24. Failed: Paintball with Kris (carried over from 2013)

Lyssa’s goals for Kris:

  1. Completed: No meat for a week (only eggs allowed)
  2. Completed: Take a craft class of Lyssa’s choosing
  3. Failed: Go to a networking event once a quarter

Kris’ Goals:

  1. Completed: Watch “Bullitt”
  2. Completed:  Watch “Brian’s song”
  3. Speak in a British accent so I sound authentically British
  4. Learn all areas of D.C. and Northern Virginia — remembering road names
  5. Completed: Visit the outside of the Mormon church off of I95
  6. Completed: Visit the United States Air Force Memorial
  7. Completed: Learn about nutrition of foods and herbal remedies
  8. Completed: Take a paddle boat to Thomas Jefferson memorial
  9. Failed: Listen to 20 mins of church every Sunday
  10. Completed: Understand Buddhism
  11. Completed: Find out our family secrets
  12. Completed: Eat Chinese food out of a box
  13. CompletedRead in a cemetery
  14. Completed: Go to Hamlet, North Carolina
  15. Failed: Write a book about my life
  16. Completed: Make my own mixes and music (carried over from 2012 DJ-ing goal)
  17. Failed: Go to Wrestlemania
  18. Completed: Go to the Statue of Liberty
  19. Completed: Go to Ellis island
  20. Completed: Ride in bumper cars
  21. Completed: Do one puzzle
  22. Completed: Try fish tacos
  23. Completed: Go to a Sonic and eat
  24. Learn how to play “Anytime” on the piano
  25. Completed: Learn to read music again
  26. Completed: Go to Gerry Bertier’s gravesite in Alexandria
  27. Completed: Make great cookies
  28. Completed: Have a signature dish
  29. Completed: Go to Vince Lombardi’s grave
  30. Failed: Learn to swim
  31. Learn to knit
  32. Completed: Participate in a sleep study
  33. Completed: Get a physical
  34. Completed: Ride on a roller coaster
  35. Completed: See a game at Duke’s Cameron Indoor
  36. Failed: Go to pro football hall of fame in Canton
  37. Failed: Do 50 push ups or sit ups every day.
  38. Failed: Visit Trudy Spurlock’s grave
  39. Kind of: Be able to photoshop like Lyssa

Kris’ Goals for Lyssa

  1. Completed: Learn to twerk
  2. Completed: Watch Redzone with Kris for full seven hours
  3. Completed: Start a feminist blog/organization
  4. Failed: Watch Sleeper Cell
  5. Failed: Work out 5 in morning 36 times

*This year, we’ve given ourselves a week to edit our bucket list. We can add to or delete any goals we’re second-guessing before midnight on 1/7/14.


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