Eat Korean BBQ

Completed: 12. Eat Korean BBQ

Welcome to Honey Pig, bringing you Korean BBQ 24 hours a day
Welcome to Honey Pig, bringing you Korean BBQ and K-pop 24 hours a day

Lots of research went into this one. We ended up going to Honey Pig, a local chain that came highly recommended. Located in Centreville, Virginia, a ten minute drive from where we live, and sometimes referred to as “New Koreatown” because of its large Korean population (Annandale, Virginia was the original “Koreatown”), it’s easy to miss because it’s in a strip mall with about five other Korean BBQs. *Fun fact unknown before this goal was completed: Centreville has the highest Asian population in Fairfax County.

What we ate:
All that food... get in our belly

  1. Starter salad and random vegetables (lots of kimchi)
  2. Pan-fried dumplings (good texture)
  3. Bulgogi aka marinated thinly-sliced beef (delicious – the highlight of the meal)
  4. Pork belly (a little too fatty)
Lys-Psy loves Honey PIg
Lys-Psy loves Honey PIg

– Lyssa


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