Understand Buddhism

Completed: 10. Understand Buddhism

Is this blasphemous?
Don’t blame me. This was Lyssa’s doing.

For years I’ve wondered about Buddhism. Honestly, it’s always confused me. Is it a religion? Is it a belief? I had no clue. When planning my goals this year, I really wanted to make myself more spriritually well-rounded.

Being Buddhist goes far beyond  “just a religion,” but more of a way of life. I don’t want this post to be about me explaining Buddhism because I’m no expert and still have plenty to learn, but I now understand and respect the basic premise behind being a Buddhist.

The “Noble Truths” are the most interesting part of the philosophy. They’re so relevant to anyone and I find I can use these truths in my every day life. The truths include how suffering can be avoided, not wanting as much, powerful energy, and how happiness can be attained, among others.

I love that the religion promotes peace and tranquility and will continue to develop more knowledge around this way of life, and not just because I look good in that orange monk robe.



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