See a Game at Cameron Indoor Stadium

Completed: 35. See a Game at Cameron Indoor Stadium

If you know me, a UNC men’s basketball fan, you might wonder why going to see a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium was on my bucket list. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Baby Blues, but I have to admit that Cameron Indoor is one amazing venue. Their intimate setting and insane fan base make games even more exciting. My UNC blood boils saying that, but it’s true.

I initially looked at tickets for a men’s basketball game, but quickly realized that it would be unrealistic to see the men Blue Devils play their biggest rivals, UNC. One non-student ticket cost $495. Um. No thanks. A little disappointed, but still wanting to go to the stadium to see a game, I was happy to learn that their women’s team was playing the same time I’d be in the area. Though I’m not a fan of women’s basketball (there is no doubt that they are amazing athletes who can play, but their style of play just isn’t my cup of tea), I obviously had no problem saving $487. The women’s basketball tickets were $8 ticket. Now that’s a deal!


Before the game, I spent some time on Duke’s campus and wandered the grounds. Again, this is hard for me to admit because I grew up not liking Duke for several reasons (that’s a different story for a different day), but the campus was beautiful. My late, paternal grandfather loved the Blue Devils, so I felt good going to see them and knowing he would approve. I reached the stadium, which merely looked like a building that might house a bunch of classrooms, but inside you go and that amazing gym greets you.


When I was finished exploring the halls of the stadium, I took my seat on Duke’s side near those infamous, passionate fans. I intentionally bought seats so I could be right near the Duke students. I tried to not cheer or go crazy for UNC, but I yelled in my head and may have executed some fist pumps when UNC scored. It was a very competitive game and lucky for me, UNC came out on top. Side note: the wooden bleacher seats are terribly uncomfortable.duke5

My mind wandered throughout the game and I couldn’t help but think about how cool it was to be in the building. Duke fans are extremely lucky to have a piece of sports history as their working gym. It must be such a great recruiting tool for colleges to use on high schools students.

The trip was great, the stadium even better.  Even with such a great experience… I still ride with the UNC Tar Heels.

– Kris


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