Eat Caviar

Completed: 18. Eat Caviar

I chose to complete this goal at Mari Vanna, a Russian restaurant in D.C. with caviar (of course) and infused vodkas (bonus).

I ordered the Family Sturgeon Black Caviar, which was served with blinis, sour cream, butter, dill, lemon, and green onions. It was $50.

I tasted the caviar by itself first. It was briny and had a bit of a metallic taste to it. It was pretty good, but it’s not something I could ever eat in excess. Then, I spread the caviar on one of the super-buttery blinis and topped it with sour cream and dill. Delicious. But it was mostly delicious because of the amazing blini. I LOVE CARBS.

Tasting caviar for the first time
Tasting caviar for the first time

I enjoyed the crew who joined me (thank you, Tali, Sara, Jeanne, and Patrick), the caviar, and my horseradish martini. Yum yum.


However, let me share one thing I did not enjoy… dear restaurants, if you’re going to place a bottle labeled “still water” on a table, a guest should feel free to pour it without being charged money. In the end, we all received our bill and each of us had a water charge. The manager removed the charge because we hadn’t been warned about the expense of drinking this “good water,” but I would like point out the bullshittery that is charging for water at a restaurant.

– Lyssa


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