Try Fish Tacos

Completed: 22. Try Fish Tacos

Though I love both fish and tacos, the idea of fish tacos doesn’t sound appealing to me. Never has. It’s such a minor goal, but I’ve been wanting to try them for quite some time.

One, icy, winter night, Lys and I decided to go out to eat with some friends. Why not let this night be the night to try fish tacos? Decision made. Lyssa tried to warn me ahead of time to not complete this goal at Backyard Grill, a generic American restaurant and the location of our dinner, but I was ready.  A couple of things to note:

  1. I do not like soft tacos, so this was obviously a problem.
  2. It had way too much pico de gallo in it.  I know that’s blasphemy to a lot of you, but it was too much for me.
  3. The flavor in the fish wasn’t very strong.

That being said, it wasn’t that bad. I understand why people like them. So far, I’ve eaten them twice this year (Lyssa made some the other night and they were really good [brownie points!]).

An easy goal to complete!  

– Kris


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