Participate in a Sleep Study

Completed: 32. Participate in a Sleep Study

I snore. Like really bad. It’s amazing I was able to find a woman to marry me. I also choke in the middle of the night (aka stop breathing from time to time). That kind of scares the shit out of me. What else do I do in the very little sleep I actually get in between snoring and choking? For once and for all, the question would be answered when I decided to join a sleep study.

I never wanted to complete this at an office, so I opted for the take-home machine. The machine’s job was to monitor my sleep and figure out just how many times I stopped breathing throughout the night.

For three nights, I had to sleep with tubes around my face up to my nostrils and a pulse monitor on my finger (which really pinched). When I woke up in the morning, I had to plug the machine up and the recordings were sent to the lab through wifi (pretty cool.)  After the three nights, I had to send the machine back and played the waiting game.

The results came back….

I’m on the border of having sleep apnea. Border? What the hell does that mean?  Either I do or I don’t.  The doctor thought it was so much on the border that he was unsure my insurance company would even pay for anything.

So at the end of the day, I still snore enough to tear the roof down and I still stop breathing. I was hoping the doctor would be able to diagnose me and encourage me to have some type of surgery to stop the apnea and the snoring, but he told me that surgery doesn’t work well and didn’t recommend it.

Kind of anticlimactic, but ggoal #34: Completed



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