Learn to Read Music Again

Completed: 25. Learn to Read Music Again

You might not know this about me, but back in middle school, I used to play the cello. I also used to sing in choirs for a big part of my life, but over the years, I’ve forgotten how to read music. I used to be able to look at a note and know exact what it was in a second. It’s frustrating to have lost this skill.

To relearn music, I downloaded an app named Musicnotez. This app teaches you how to read notes and then quizzes you on the notes. That acronym I learned back in middle school for the treble clef, EGBDF or “Every GoodBoyDeservesFudge” and FACE or “ForksAndChopsticksEverywhere” was the key to everything.

I started to get faster and faster remembering notes. I hope that I can use this to one day being able to learn to play the piano. That’s a real dream of mine.




I’m not perfect, but I’ve certainly refreshed my music reading skills.

– Kris


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