Work With a Personal Trainer

Completed: 10. Work With a Personal Trainer
lyssa-musclesMe without clothes or skin

I’m bored with my current gym routine, but lacking motivation to push myself. Cardio for 30. Weights for 30. Rinse and repeat three times a week. I’m at a workout crossroads.

The fact that I’m even writing these words down makes me laugh because, up until 2011 when I wanted to get into shape for roller derby, I hadn’t worked out in about five years. Oh, how far I’ve come…

This is why I added “work with a personal trainer” as a goal this year. I have never worked with one before — always too scared they’d be loud and bootcamp-y — and I wanted to test one out before I commited and thankfully my colleague was generous enough to let me join one of her during her hour-long PT sessions.


After about 15 minutes of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, one-legged squats, etc., I had to take a break and tell myself, for the second time in the last 365 days while trying to complete a goal, “please don’t throw up.” Light-headed, nauseous, and a little embarrassed, I sat down for a little bit. Once I stopped seeing double, I rejoined in on the next exercise, but I realized that my legs had turned into two jiggly stumps of numbness.

By the time the hour came to an end, I was so inspired and amazed by my colleague’s intensity and commitment during the workout. I realized, even moreso after working with her trainer, that I desperately need someone to push me.

As for the pain, I could barely walk the next day. I was so obviously sore that my coworkers asked if I had hurt myself because they noticed me limping.

Even though I officially completed this goal, my next steps: find a personal trainer closer to me and switch gyms to work with on a regular basis.

In case you are interested in tightening dat ass, I worked with one of the personal trainers from this company:

– Lyssa


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