Donate Blood

Completed: 9. Donate Blood

I’m so excited! I donated blood for the first time! I was a little afraid of fainting, but I’m happy to say that I remained conscious the entire time.

Needle insertion
Needle insertion

Patiently waiting…

15 minutes later and the needle has been removed
15 minutes later… the needle was finally removed…
Me and my bag of blood that just happens to match my nail polish
Me and my blood baby

Things I learned:

  • You can’t donate blood if you are a gay man and have had sex with a man anytime after 1977. This is crazy and apparently a topic of contention. Some even argue it’s a civil rights issue.
  • One of the workers told us that one lady pooped on the table while donating blood.
  • From the Red Cross site, “57 percent of the Latino population is type O, the blood type in greatest demand. That share is 51 percent for African Americans, and only about 45 percent for white Caucasians. As certain population groups continue to increase, so does the need for type O blood. It is critical that more Latino and African American donors, give blood regularly to ensure that patient needs can be met.”
  • My blood may go to a few patients and may treat anemia resulting from, kidney failure, chemotherapy regimens, gastrointestinal bleeding or blood loss due to trauma or surgery.
  • Though it was a bit uncomfortable, the most painful part of the experience was ripping off the taped gauze.

I’m looking forward to learning my blood type, becoming a regular donor, and I hope you too will considering making a blood donation.

– Lyssa


5 thoughts on “Donate Blood

  1. Hi! I was browsing tagged bucketlist blogs and yours caught my eye, Read this post. I just donated for my first time, was scared even though I knew I had no reason to be, but so glad to have finally worked up the nerve to do so. hopefully I can make it into a habit too. Looking forward to reading more of your guys adventures.

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