End of Year Update

Join us by our fireplace as we provide an update on the status of our remaining goals. Plus, tequila shots.

Our remaining goals:


  • Drive father-in-law’s vintage bug in local Christmas Parade
  • Save a certain amount of money by EOY
  • Be more conscientious when buying stuff. Where is it coming from? Stay local.
  • Use our Nikon camera more to document completed goals, instead of phone camera
  • West Wing tour (carried over from 2011-2013)
  • Go to the Judy Garland museum (carried over from 2013)
  • Paintball with Kris (carried over from 2013)
  • Watch Sleeper Cell
  • Work out 5 in morning 36 times 


  • Speak in a British accent so I sound authentically British
  • Learn all areas of D.C. and Northern Virginia — remembering road names
  • Write a book about my life
  • Learn how to play “Anytime” on the piano
  • Learn to read music again’
  • Learn to swim
  • Be able to photoshop like Lyssa
  • Go to pro football hall of fame in Canton
  • Visit Trudy Spurlock’s grave
  • Go to a networking event once a quarter



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