Take Unicycling Lessons

Completed: 2. Take Unicycling Lessons

Spending my last few moments with
Spending my last few moments with “uni” before I returned her to her owner.

After I verbally shared this goal with Kris on New Years Eve, I realized that I had NO idea how I was going to accomplish it, but thanks to my strangely well-connected husband, he introduced me to a family who runs UniStars Unicycling Showtroupe. This family is so nice, not only did they agree to teach me how to get on a unicycle and were literally a shoulder to lean on during my first few practices, they even let me borrow their daughter’s unicycle for an extended period of time so that I could practice.

I’d be remissed to not spend this time publicly thanking Linda for helping me achieve this goal. THANK YOU, LINDA!

Things I learned/experienced:

  • It really makes you sweat
  • This activity works your core
  • Crotch bruising

After I took the unicycle home, I could only practice around my small, carpeted condo, so I can’t go very far, but I’m happy that even a few seconds without falling is possible.

Watch for yourself. Come ride with me and Dr. Dre.

Completed: Goal #2: Take either BMX lessons (carried over from 2013) or unicycling lessons

– Lyssa


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