Go to a Sonic

Completed: 23. Go to a Sonic

I like to think of myself as a fast food connoisseur. That’s a little strange considering I’m a fitness freak, but what can I say, I love fast food.

I’ve been to just about every fast food place, but hadn’t yet been to a Sonic. We see Sonic commercials all of the time, but the kicker is, the closest Sonic is roughly about an hour away (without traffic). Did you think that would stop my Great Goal Rush quest? Hell no!

One Saturday afternoon, Lyssa and I went all the way down to Fredericksburg, Virginia to go to a Sonic. As soon as we rolled up to the store, I was impressed. It was well lit and very colorful.  The drive-in portion was a bit overwhelming, since there were so many, but it was pretty cool. I’ve never been to a drive-in, but I decided to go with what I know best — the drive-through.

I basically ordered the whole menu.

Chicken tenders, popcorn chicken, a hamburger, fries, tater tots, toast, MORE FRIES, etc. But I didn’t eat it alone. Lyssa happily helped me eat it.

I thought it was really good. It tasted much better than your average fast food joint.

It’s probably for the best that a Sonic is an hour away. I have a feeling I’d be there a lot more if it were closer.

– Kris


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