Go to the Top of the Washington Monument

Completed: 20. Go to the Top of the Washington Monument

Let’s talk about this goal, “Go to the top of the Washington monument.” We have quite the history:

  • December 31st, 2010: I added this goal onto my 2011 bucket list.
  • Sometime in early 2011, I bought tickets to go to the top.
  • On the day our tour was scheduled, it was 15 degrees and windy, so we opted to stay home instead.
  • August 23, 2011: The earth quakes at a magnitude of 5.8. The epicenter was in Virginia, but it could be felt along the east coast and damaged the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument indefinitely closes for repairs.
  • December 31st, 2011: Goal carried over to my 2012 bucket list.
  • Jan. 1, 2012 – Dec. 31st, 2012: Still closed
  • December 31st, 2012: Goal carried over to my 2013 bucket list.
  • Jan. 1, 2013 – Dec. 31st, 2013: Nope, not happening again.
  • December 31st, 2013: Carried over again to my 2014 bucket list
  • May 12, 2014: THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT REOPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the view I’ve been waiting for! This is what it looks like facing West from the tallest building in DC. (FYI: the Washington Monument doesn’t have the greatest lighting.)


The part that tripped me out the most (aside from feeling dizzy when we reached the top) was the upward view. The demonic red lights at the top of the obelisk that continually pulsate were right above my head. I WAS IN THE MONUMENT’S POINT. How cool.

From the inside:

photo (1)

From the outside:


Since the monument has reopened, it has experienced some elevator failure. Concerning. So, I asked a ranger if I could just take the stairs down instead of the elevator and she told me they were closed. Oh boy.

However, I’m glad I didn’t walk down the steps because the elevator down was one of the best parts of the tour. It slows down and the lights dim. Inside the monument are intricate carvings dedicated to states, etc. It was totally unexpected.

After four years, I’m so excited to finally go to the top of the Washington Monument. And even happier that I wasn’t at the top of the monument during the earthquake.

This video still gives me nightmares.

– Lyssa


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