2013 Goals

Cheers to completing all of our 2013 goals
Cheers to completing all of our 2013 goals!

Lyssa’s Goals:

  1. Failed: Finish writing the book I’ve had in mind
  2. Failed: Go to a storage auction
  3. Completed: Go to work one day without makeup
  4. Completing: Take one picture a day
  5. Failed: Go to one of the museums that feature All-American Girls Professional Baseball League artifacts
  6. Completed: Enter a food eating contest
  7. Completed: Volunteer for Hands-On DC, but with Kris
  8. Completed: Take a pottery class
  9. Failed: Serve as an escort for nearby women’s clinic
  10. Visit the following nearby locations:
  11. Failed: Go to the National Museum of Dentistry
  12. Completed: Hike Bull Run mountain
  13. Completed: Go to New York City during Easter (and participate in the Easter parade)
  14. Failed: Take a CSS class
  15. Completed:Travel somewhere that requires me to use my passport
  16. Failed: Go to the Judy Garland museum
  17. Completed: Travel on the entire DC metro rail system in one day
  18. Failed: Re-finish the other bathroom floor
  19. Failed: Take BMX lessons
  20. Failed: Paintball with Kris
  21. Failed: Take a wine tasting course (carried over from 2012)
  22. Completed: Try a house cleaning service (carried over from 2012)
  23. Failed: Travel to volunteer (carried over from 2011, 2012)
  24. Completed: Volunteer at hospital [military or otherwise] (carried over from 2012)
  25. Failed: Swim with dolphins (carried over from 2009, 2010, and 2011)

Lyssa’s Goals for Kris:

  1. Completed: Take a painting class
  2. Completed: Read the first Harry potter book 
  3. Take harmonica classes

Kris’ Goals:

  1. Kinda Failed but Kinda Completed. Work on getting Stonewall Jackson High School renamed
  2. FAILED: Teach myself how to play the piano
  3. Completed: Purchase smelling salts
  4. Completed for 3 months then Failed: Read one book a month, January: Harry Potter
  5. FAILED. Be in a wrestling ring
  6. Completed: Go to WWE headquarters
  7. FAILEDGet a pedicure or manicure once a month, January: Pedi and Mani
  8. FAILED: Volunteer for a gay rights organization
  9. FAILED: Never eat after 11 p.m.
  10. Failed: Go to Maury or Jerry Springer show taping
  11. Completing:  Take a DJ training/class/course or teach myself
  12. Completed: Drink alone in a bar one night
  13. Learn how to tie a bowtie
  14. Completed: Try Pho
  15. Completed: Master photography
  16. Completed: Successfully fly a kite with the Washington Monument in the background
  17. FAILED. Visit Atlanta (carried over from 2012)
  18. FAILED: Be a subject for an artists – sculpture, painting, etc.
  19. Completed: Run 200 miles in total for the year
  20. Failed: Get black or white color contacts
  21. Completed:Meet President Obama
  22. FAILED. Move (carried over from 2012)
  23. FAILED: Get a job working for the NFL or NFLPA job
  24. FAILED: Tryout for a play
  25. Completed: Find out the name of the random black guy who sings a line in “Down on Skid Row” from Little Shop of Horrors and see if he has other music
  26. Completed for 4 months then Failed: Write a poem once a month, January: Light
  27. Completed: Keep up-to-date with tracking my memorable moments
  28. Completed: Sing in a choir
  29. FAILED. Go to Wrestlemania
  30. FAILED. Visit the grave of every president featured on Mount Rushmore
  31. Completed:March or protest something in DC
  32. FAILED. Go to Las Vegas
  33. FAILED. Go to Big John Studd’s burial ground
  34. Completed: Go to Teddy Pendergrass’ burial ground

Kris’ Goals For Lyssa


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