Run a 5K

I was physically ready to run the “Run With Santa 5K” in Reston on December 8th, which I signed up to complete with my dad. By the time December 7th came, I had spent the previous four weeks running four times a week, proudly going from barely being able to run a mile to running 30 minutes without dying.

Oh, but then there was the weather report for race day: snow and ice.


I regrouped about this stupid meteorological business with my dad who thought it was best to not go, even if the race wasn’t cancelled. Drats. But what about our amazing Christmas-zombie sweatshirts I made JUST for the race!?!?

The Walkers
The Walkers

I was disappointed. Not just because I wanted to complete a goal, but because I really hate running and wanted to end this nonsense immediately. I decided that I’d just have to complete this one by myself without a crowd of people cheering me on.

And then the weather was back on my side…

Is this December?
Is this December?

On this glorious and really warm winter solstice, I decided to run a 5K.


You can tell I ran the entire time because I look just like Hellboy.

More evidence
More evidence

I would like to thank No Ordinary Homestead, which is where I found my four-week 5K training guide, and my shoes, which kept me both comfortable and stylish.

Running shoes
Running shoes

A bit anticlimactic, but sometimes that’s life.

– Lyssa

P.S. I hate Kris for making me do this, but really proud that I did.

Me and running have a history. Read more about our contemptuous past.

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