Some of my Failures for 2013

Still up in the air

Goal #1.  Change the name of Stonewall Jackson.  

To be fair, I didn’t really fail this one.  I created a petition online to start this process but my parents talked me down from this.  They thought it could get me in trouble…blah blah blah.

Goal #5. Be in a wrestling ring.

My whole life I’ve wanted to get into a wrestling ring.  The closest wrestling training school is 2 hrs away from my house.  Unfortunately, I can’t just get in the ring there.  This chapter isn’t over.  Stay tuned to 2014!

Goal #17. Visit Atlanta.

Didn’t do it…ugh.

Goal #22.  Move.

Not yet…

Goal #29.  Go to Wrestlemania.

I can’t write about this because this one hurts the most.  A boyhood dream has not yet come true.  2014…

Goal #30.  Visit the grave of every president featured on Mount Rushmore.  

George Washington (Yup) Thomas Jefferson (Yup) Abe Lincoln (Nope) Teddy Roosevelt (Nope)

Goal #32. Go to Las Vegas.

I’ve been everywhere but Vegas.  It didn’t happen this year.  Maybe next year.

Goal #33. Go to Big John Studd’s burial ground.  

He was a wrestler and I thought he was buried in Virginia.  I was wrong.  He died in Virginia but was buried in Pennsylvania.  That being said, I lost interest in this one.

Goal #2 Teach myself to play the piano.

I haven’t done this yet.  I really REALLY want to do this but I need to dedicate myself to this.  Someday…

Goal #8  Volunteer for a gay-rights organization.

This was out of my control.  I reached out to 6 different gar-rights organizations but did not get a response.  I listed this as a failure but I tried!

Goal #18  Be a subject for an artists – sculpture, painting, etc.

Once again I tried.  I reached out but couldn’t find anyone to take me up on my offer.  I wanted to get really weird on this one.

Goal #23 Get a job for NFLPA.

Hopefully it might happen next year.  Not yet though…

Goal #24 Tryout for a play.

I tried!  I went on craigslist and reached out but I didn’t hear back from anyone….and I wasn’t going to be a part of a porn!

Goal #10 Go to Maury or Jerry Springer show taping

I tried hard on this.  I e-mail the show in January for tickets.  They didn’t get back to me until September for the tickets.  At that point I couldn’t go.  Oh well.  I’m not too broken up by this.


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