Sing in a Choir

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I’ve been singing my whole life.  Not necessarily well but singing nonetheless.  From elementary school chorus all the way through High School Show Choirs I’ve been there..singing.  I woke up one day last year and realized I missed singing.  I’m not talking about singing in the shower, I’m talking about singing with a group of people, reading music, finding the right pitch type of singing.  I missed it all.

I’m lucky enough to know an amazing woman/chorus director who I teach with.  She’s told me for years to come and sing with her group of students. Last week I took her up on her offer.  The all male choir happened to be singing christmas songs; one of which was a remix of 12 days of Christmas and Africa (made by ToTo)  AMAZING!

12 days of Christmas/Africa
12 days of Christmas/Africa

Me struggling to hit my note

I guess I didn’t do too bad because they invited me back for more.  I had a great time.  Like Arnold said…”I’ll be back.”

Goal #28:  Completed

– Kris


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