Hike Bull Run Mountain

I decided to take off on my birthday this year and thank goodness because it was a beautiful 75 degrees yesterday. To enjoy this out-of-character mid-August D.C. day, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to complete goal #12: Hike Bull Run Mountain. Plus, my birthday is the only day I can get Kris to do things he hates (like hike).

It’s a good three-mile-hike to the overlook, which is just breathtaking.

overlook bull run mountain
Gorgeous view from the top of Bull Run Mountain

And it was so chilly that this was actually necessary.

bull run mountain overlook
The elf of Bull Run Mountain

Some takeaways:

  • I saw a pink mushroom
  • I rolled my ankle three times on the way down. At this point, I think I’ve broken something.
  • We followed this Hiking Upward path
  • Bull Run Mountain is the eastern most point of the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • I have the worst allergies

I swear I always say this when it involves nature, but I can’t wait to come back during the fall when the leaves have changed. Virginia, you’ve won me over yet again.

– Lyssa


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