Addicted to Makeup

UPDATE on #nomakeup:

Guess who didn't wear makeup to work today???
Guess who didn’t wear makeup to work today???

On Monday, I decided to not wear mascara, one of the two makeup products I’ve never gone to work without. When not worn, it’s pretty obvious. Many of my coworkers, who knew about my makeup-free plans, came up to me and asked, “is today the day?!?!” “Nope, I still have concealer on,” I had to confess.

To document my baby steps toward completing this goal, I put a mascara-less picture of myself on my social media accounts. Woof. Even through I have plenty of pictures of me without makeup, I felt so naked and exposed. Like really awful. I caught myself avoiding conversations and eye contact at the beginning part of the work day.

I worked from home on Tuesday and when I went in on Wednesday, I wore even less concealer (and still no mascara). I was feeling good. Could Thursday be the day?

This morning, I fixed my hair and got dressed first, leaving my makeup application last if I decided I wasn’t ready to go to work without it. Before I properly examined my pores, I walked out of the bathroom and Kris looked at me and said, “just go without it.” To which I said, “who said I’m not?” He looked at my face and said, “yeah, you’re still wearing concealer.”

I didn’t let him know I wasn’t.

That was the straw that broke the makeup-less camel’s back. If Kris didn’t know I wasn’t wearing any makeup, I might as well go for it.

So, I completed #3: Go to work without makeup. As it turns out, I’m just as valued, I can still get my work done, and I was just as professional without makeup. Logically I know this, but I obviously needed hard proof.

This might seem like a stupid thing to be obsessed over, but we all have our issues. It took me nearly a full year to mentally be in a place where I could complete this one, but I did, and dammit it feels good.

Though I completed my goal, I still have four days left if I am to accept Kris’ five-day makeup-free challenge.  Come back here to see my daily pictures I’m posting as proof for Kris.

Day 1:

This is me "working" in our office kitchen.
“Oh, hi, I didn’t know you were there. I’m just working in the office kitchen.”

Day 2:

It’s a makeup-free fiesta at work!
It’s a makeup-free fiesta at work on day two!

Day 3:

Work trip to Boston, where I found the world's biggest knife.
Work trip to Boston, where I found the world’s biggest knife.

Day 4:

Working on site things staying warm in Boston.
Working on site things AND staying warm in Boston.

Day 5 (yep, a full five days):

Working on site things staying warm in Boston.
Post-work-sequined-beanie party of one

– Lyssa


6 thoughts on “Addicted to Makeup

  1. You look absolutely beautiful – you do not need ANY makeup – trust me ! I just started not wearing any makeup myself about 1 week ago and it feels great ! My skin feels great and I am finding I have so much more self confidence now ! You are a natural beauty – we don’t need Makeup – we are perfect just as we are! 🙂 you go Girl !

      1. Well I hope to see more pics and see how it’s going for you in another week or two 🙂
        I’m going to stick with this too!

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