Go to NYC Easter Parade

Retro looks at the Easter Parade
Our retro looks at the Easter Parade

Easter Parade is one of my favorite musicals. It wasn’t until college when I realized these “parades” still occur on Fifth Avenue on Easter morning, a tradition held since the late 1800s. Nowadays, they’re less about showing off your wealth and more about showing off elaborate hats and cute pets. There are a few attendees who still channel the days of yore by dressing their best in vintage-inspired duds.

I jump at the chance to dress in costume, particularly when I can dress in a 1940s style. Add crazy hats and costumed pets into the mix? That’s pretty much my idea of heaven. So, it’s no wonder, I’ve wanted to go to NYC on Easter for at least a decade, but we’ve just never made the trip. That’s why I added it to my 2013 goal list — knowing it would light the fire.

I’m giddy-happy to have crossed this goal off. Imagine thousands of people walking down 5th Ave while the church bells ring — it was such a wonderful experience! We got to dress all snazzy and I finally had an excuse to wear my vintage hat! Plus, I had a legit reason to wear a corsage (which had peacock feathers in it, by the way).

peacock corsage and boutonniere
Our peacock corsage and boutonniere

So, that was my Easter. Now I’m off to watch her majesty, Judy Garland, in all of her 1948 glory.

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– Lyssa


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