The National Capitol Columns

National Capitol Columns
A little bit o’ Greece in D.C.

As I’ve mentioned before, living in the D.C. area is fantastic. I’ve lived in the area since I was 7 and there are still places I’ve never been. There’s so much history and hidden gems.

I crossed this goal off on quite the gorgeous day. Do you see that blue sky?!?! Some fun facts about the Capitol Columns:

  • The National Capitol Columns are in the National Arboretum
  • The columns were originally in the East Portico of the Capitol
  • They were quarried from sandstone near Aquia Creek in Virginia
  • The dome of the Capitol building ended up being too large compared to the pillars, so they made new ones and discarded these ones
  • These columns served as the backdrop for many presidential inaugurations, including Lincoln’s.
  • Amazing parking at the Arboretum
I'm an angel
Proof I was there. I’m such an angel.

— Lyssa


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