Travel Somewhere that requires me to use my Passport

We’ve been wanting to take a cross-country trip for a while now, but I do not currently have enough vacation time to spend a month or two driving from the east to the west coast, so we decided to do a Canadian/Northeastern United States road trip. Our itinerary: Niagara, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Boston, Philadelphia, then back to Washington, D.C.


Given this [very intentional] route, I was able to complete goal #15: Travel somewhere that requires me to use my passport. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh. I absolutely love breaking out my passport. It makes me feel really special, especially considering only one-third of the U.S. has one.



In total, we drove 2,163 miles, visited four vineyards, saw gorgeous lakes, wonderful geological formations, met the nicest people, heard our first “eh?”, ate poutine, inhaled crepes, visited an old classmate, blew $5 at a casino, watched the sun set at a rooftop bar in Toronto, visited a castle, went to a beach, had the best bacon sandwiches of our lives, attended a comedy festival, watched cute dogs at a park, ate a smoked meat sandwich, finished Tender is the Night, drank Tim Horton’s coffee, visited a basilica known for healing people, ate croissants, marveled at loud cathedral bells ringing in the city, took boat rides in the Boston harbor, and enjoyed cheesesteaks and Chianti in Philly. It was a great trip.


4 thoughts on “Travel Somewhere that requires me to use my Passport

  1. Hi! I’m looking to take a new england states tour and get to montreal. Love this route! How long did it take? (please excuse me if I missed it)

    1. In total this trip took about 9 days. We wanted to spend enough time in the cities, plus it was a good break between the longer drives. Once we got to Philly, we were pooped though. A 9-day road trip is tiring. Safe travels!

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