2013 Fail List

This picture illustrates me in a state of winning, which is the opposite of this blog's message.
This picture illustrates me in a state of winning, which is the opposite of this blog’s message.

It’s that time of year when I must take a look at my 2013 goals and come to grips with the fact that I won’t be able to complete a number of them by 12/31/13. It’s a great exercise in learning to accept personal failure.

Goal #1: Finish writing the book I’ve had in mind

Status: Failed

My “book” is currently a few notes in my phone. I have this really great D.C-.centric book that I want to write, but I need an illustrator who shares my brain and works for free, which makes this one kind of hard, but I REALLY want to go through the publishing process.

Goal #2: Go to a storage auction

Status: Failed and no longer interested

Late last year, Kris and I were really into Storage Wars so I really wanted to go to a local one, but then I realized the premise of the show was built on a bed of lies, so I lost my desire to go.

Goal #5: Go to one of the museums that feature All-American Girls Professional Baseball League artifacts

Status: Failed, but still really want to go if I get the opportunity

Goal #9: Serve as an escort for nearby women’s clinic

Status: Failed unless these people ever call or email me back

One of the most annoying parts about creating goals is when their completion is in the hands of someone else. I have called and emailed this clinic, but no one has gotten back to me. I guess I’ll need to make an in-person trip, so it’s on me at this point. But really?!?! Call me back, people.

Goal #10: Visit the following nearby locations: Top of monument (carried over from 2011 and 2012)

Status: Failed. It’s still closed.

Goal #16: Go to the Judy Garland museum

Status: Failed, unless I happen to take a trip to Grand Rapids, Minnesota (which won’t happen in 2013)

This will simply carry over because I must see Judy’s museum.

Goal #19: Take BMX lessons

Status: Failed and biggest disappointment of the year

As I mentioned, when the inability to complete a goal lies outside of your control, it’s so frustrating. I was all prepared to attend a lesson… and then it rained and the class was cancelled. Then the next lesson was on a day I couldn’t get out of work. And then there were no more lessons for newbies. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Goal #23: Travel to volunteer (carried over from 2011, 2012)

Status: Failed

I had an opportunity to join my wonderful friend in Haiti this year, but it was through her church, which I don’t really want to do for a variety of reasons, like my religious hang-ups. I want to be comfortable and 100% on board with the organization’s mission, so this one might not be completed for another five decades.

– Lyssa


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