Join Local Pro-choice Protestor

There is a clinic nearby that performs abortions (among many other women’s health-related offerings). If you drive by, there is always a group of pro-life protestors picketing. In response to that group, on Saturdays, one man stands on the opposite side of the street, all by himself, holding up pro-choice signs. Through rain or shine, he’s always there.

I was curious about him, so one Saturday, I drove nearby, parked my car, walked up to him, asked if I could join, and he let me.

Some fun facts:

  • This guy, who was super nice, drives 15-20 minutes from a nearby city to do this every week.
  • About 100 people honked out of support.
  • A few people driving by held up crosses at us like they were casting away a demon.
  • The woman who runs the women’s clinic packs heat because she has been threatened in the past.

I’ve never protested anything, so it was an interesting experience and I hope to do it again.

Complete: #20: Join local pro-choice protestor.

– Kris


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