End of Year Update

Join us by our fireplace as we provide an update on the status of our remaining goals. Plus, tequila shots. Our remaining goals: Lyssa: Drive father-in-law’s vintage bug in local Christmas Parade Save a certain amount of money by EOY Be more conscientious when buying stuff. Where is it coming from? Stay local. Use our Nikon camera more … Continue reading End of Year Update


2013 Memorable Moments

There's still a couple more days before we share our 2014 goals with each other. This year has been exceptionally difficult for us to keep quiet until the night of 12/31. In addition to our yearly goals, which made for amazing memories, we did a few other eventful things this year. Here are some of … Continue reading 2013 Memorable Moments

Sing in a Choir

I've been singing my whole life.  Not necessarily well but singing nonetheless.  From elementary school chorus all the way through High School Show Choirs I've been there..singing.  I woke up one day last year and realized I missed singing.  I'm not talking about singing in the shower, I'm talking about singing with a group of … Continue reading Sing in a Choir

Run a 5K

I was physically ready to run the "Run With Santa 5K" in Reston on December 8th, which I signed up to complete with my dad. By the time December 7th came, I had spent the previous four weeks running four times a week, proudly going from barely being able to run a mile to running … Continue reading Run a 5K

Volunteer at Transitional Housing BARN

Completed: #3: Volunteer at BARN. I've been itching to get involved in this organization for about a year. I filled out the volunteer form in May 2011, but it sat on my computer until this past summer. Note: this is what happens until I make something a goal -- procrastination central. I really want to … Continue reading Volunteer at Transitional Housing BARN