Make My Own Mixes and Music (Carried Over from 2013)

Completed: 16. Make My Own Mixes and Music (Carried Over from 2013) To quote Eminem in 'Cleaning out My Closet,' "WHERE’S MY SNARE?!?" There’s nothing better than listening to a great mix by an unbelievable DJ. For years, I’ve wanted to learn how to DJ and seamlessly mix tracks. It was on my 2013 bucket list, but I couldn't pull it … Continue reading Make My Own Mixes and Music (Carried Over from 2013)


Read in a Cemetery

Completed: 13. Read in a Cemetery I didn’t mention it in this blost post, but I was unsuccessful the first time I tried to visit Gerry Bertier's gravesite. It was cold and snowy and I had arrived to the grounds later in the day. The cemetery office was closed and I wasn't going to walk through … Continue reading Read in a Cemetery

Go to Gerry Bertier’s Gravesite

Completed: 26. Go to Gerry Bertier's Gravesite By now, you should know I like to visit cemeteries. In this case, I wanted to pay my respects to Gerry Bertier, member of the 1971 TC Williams Virginia State Championship football team. The story surrounding that football team was later made into the movie, "Remember the Titans." This movie just … Continue reading Go to Gerry Bertier’s Gravesite

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Go to a Sonic

Completed: 23. Go to a Sonic I like to think of myself as a fast food connoisseur. That's a little strange considering I'm a fitness freak, but what can I say, I love fast food. I've been to just about every fast food place, but hadn't yet been to a Sonic. We see Sonic commercials … Continue reading Go to a Sonic