Run a race: Nearly Naked Mile

2012 Nearly Naked Mile, Reston Town Center

Completed: 18: Complete some type of marathon/5K/race

There is only one thing I hate more than running and that is exposing my body. So, what did I do? I signed up to run half naked — really pushing myself to overcome some body issues in addition to athletic limitations.

Why was this race nearly naked? Well, money raised from the race went to support the Burn Center at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and they wanted to encourage participants to represent what it means to feel comfortable in one’s own skin, like the strength that burn victims demonstrate. There’s nothing like perspective to force one to get over their own trivial insecurities. How can I complain about my “fat” stomach when someone has been burned over 75% of their body?

2012 Nearly Naked Mile, Participants, Reston Town Center

The nudes running

A few things I learned/experienced/witnessed:

1. Elbow length satin gloves are really hard to find nowadays. My team’s theme was evening wear.

2. The winner finished in 4 minutes. How is that even possible?

3. There was a participant who had a prosthetic leg and completed it in 6 minutes. BAD ASS.

4. I can indeed run a mile without stopping/walking.

5. I don’t like reflective surfaces, especially when I catch a glimpse of myself running.

6. A father who was running with his young daughter grabbed her hand to push her a bit so they could both finish at the same time. Cute overload.

7. Kris looks fantastic in shorts, a tie, and a vest.

8. “No matter how large our insecurities are, at least we don’t have a penis.” – Bronwyn

My team of nudes

Classy Lyssa, 2012 Nearly Naked Mile

Me. Not pictured: Any muscle.

So, I don’t have the perfect running form or body, but such a great lesson learned: I WILL try to be comfortable in my own skin.

Get more information on the Nearly Naked Mile.

– Lyssa

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