Run a 5K

It's official. I've signed up for the 5K Kris challenged me to run this year. I purposely excluded all forms of running from my 2013 goals because I hate its stupid guts. I haven't run more than a mile in my whole life. For the next four weeks I'll be running four times a week … Continue reading Run a 5K


Run a race: Nearly Naked Mile

Completed: 18: Complete some type of marathon/5K/race There is only one thing I hate more than running and that is exposing my body. So, what did I do? I signed up to run half naked -- really pushing myself to overcome some body issues in addition to athletic limitations. Why was this race nearly naked? Well, money raised from … Continue reading Run a race: Nearly Naked Mile

My First Race

I just signed up for my first “race” — working toward #18: Complete some type of marathon/5K/race. I’m not a runner (refer to awkward picture above). This past year I recently ran an entire mile without dying and I nearly cried tears of joy. Don’t judge me. So, I just wasn’t born to be an … Continue reading My First Race