Funky Floor No More

We inherited the ugliest kitchen/bathroom floors EVER. Yellow and SO ’70s. We’ve gone back and forth on replacing the floors over the years. Was it worth the money? Will this improvement help us sell? Despite the fact that this is actually the dumbest question in history (we’d have to build a diamond-encrusted helipad on our rooftop in order to sell our condo for what we paid originally. Thanks, shitty real estate market), I still always ask the question.

We originally planned to hire a professional to refinish the floors, but then Kris took a trip to Home Depot last summer and found flooring that was supposedly “easy” to install. Five hours, broken tools, two pairs of sweaty pits, and four raw hands later, we finished our kitchen floors. Then drank a lot of alcohol.

I still wanted to finish our bathroom, but life got in the way and we never completed it. So, to light the fire under my butt, I added it to my 2012 goals and I’m happy to say, I DID IT. BY MYSELF. I AM DIY WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR. Roar.



So, I’ve officially completed #10. Refinish bathroom floors.

— Lyssa


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